The Appreciative Look: A Path to Wellbeing and Peace

February 2018
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In their article, Claudia Campos and Verónica Willenberg talk about the importance of appreciation in bringing peace. They make the comparison with nature, and point to the lesson of unconditional appreciation that nature teaches us. Only through unconditional appreciation we can flourish, create wellbeing and realize peace. Together, they work toward the culture of peace and human wellbeing, providing advice, conferences and experiential activities within the framework of companies, organisations and international projects.


Author: Claudia Campos

Claudia is a consultant, ICC Coach, Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, and VP of the Argentina Enneagram Association, VP of the Argentine Corporate Wellbeing Association, and a member of the Peace Council of the Argentine Republic. Contact:

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Author: Verónica Willenberg

Verónica is a biocentric social communicator, ambassador of Peace of the Argentine Republic and entrepreneur. Among other organisations, she has founded an NGO for Human Integration and the International Program, Contact:

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