Art-Based Perceptual Ecology, a Path to Relational Dialogue Within a Multispecies Community


Bringing together the creator of art-based perceptual ecology (ABPE) and a practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry, this paper explores art-making as a mode of inquiry – a path to a multispecies and relational dialogue. Through reflections on embodied knowing and sensory experience with the land, we share how ABPE methodology might offer a richer understanding of whole systems and transformative change.


Author: Julie Engerran

Julie Engerran is a connector of diverse people and new ideas with an inquisitive mind and generous spirit. After thirty years of experience leading transformative change across sectors, Julie is currently a doctoral candidate in Sustainability Education at Prescott College, Arizona, USA. 


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Author: Lee Ann Woolery

Lee Ann Woolery is an interdisciplinary researcher, educator and a practicing artist of over 30 years who pioneered art-based perceptual ecology, a transdisciplinary field-based research methodology to study environmental change. Dr. Woolery is currently the founder and research director for Citizen Artist. 


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