Biodanza in the Development of High-Performance Teams

Embodying the Appreciative Paradigm

August 2021
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Every day in our bodies we feel pleasant or unpleasant sensations, agitation, or calm, which influence the connections we have with other people who form part of a team. Practising the ‘Biodanza’ human integration system increases the connections within a team, which is reflected in increased positivity and reduced negativity of affect as measured with the PANAS test, indicators that characterise high-performance teams according to the Meta Learning model. The body and the integrative experiences are the protagonists in this process.

Cada día sentimos en nuestro cuerpo sensaciones agradables o desagradables, agitación o calma, influenciando la conexión con las demás personas que forman parte del equipo. La práctica del sistema de integración humana “Biodanza” aumenta la conexión del equipo, lo que se refleja en el aumento de positividad y la reducción de la negatividad de los afectos medidos a través del test PANAS, indicadores que caracterizan a los equipos de alto desempeño según el modelo Meta Learning. El cuerpo y las experiencias integradoras son los protagonistas de este proceso.


Author: Felipe Losada Carrasco

Felipe Losada, MSc., is a Didactic Professor of Biodanza Original. For 10 years he worked as an executive and director in different companies. Since 2010, he has worked as a consultant and trainer to improve the emotional connection of teams, their well-being, and performance, in education, sports, public institutions and private companies. He investigates the effects of Biodanza Original on group affect with people of different ages, gender, and work.


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Author: Gittith Sánchez Padilla

Gittith Sánchez, Ph.D., is Professor of Biodanza. She is Bachelor of Science with specialization in Biology and Doctor of Science, from the Faculty of Sciences at University of Chile. She is Director of the Santiago de Chile Original Metropolitan Biodanza School and Professor of Biodanza workshops for adults (in general) and for organizations.


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