Business, Schools and Communities as Agents of World Benefit: Flourishing in Challenging Times (intro)

Towards a Flourishing World: Interacting with People as the Agents of World Benefit


Kurt Lewin spent the second half of his career in the USA, examining the question: Can we create knowledge about the productive forces in groups and societies? This question has become crucial again. It is time to re-create knowledge about the productive forces in societies and groups.


Author: Wick van der Vaart

Wick van der Vaart has master degrees in Dutch literature and social psychology. In 2005, he founded the Instituut voor Interventiekunde (Institute for Interventionism) in Amsterdam. The core of this institute is a two-year program in appreciative interventionism. In 2016, he became Editor-in-Chief of AI Practitioner. Contact:

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Author: David Cooperrider

David L. Cooperrider, Ph.D. is Distinguished University Professor at Case Western Reserve University, and Honorary Chair, the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Champlain College. David received a Lifetime Achievement Award in OD. His newest book is The Business of Building a Better World.


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