How to Build a Positive Core to Liberate Learning

The Case of a Rural School in a Pehuenche Area (Chile)

August 2021
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This article tells the story of how a rural school in the south of Chile discovered and built a set of resources and capabilities (positive core) to liberate learning and enhance the development of the children’s skills to live to the fullest in the 21st century.

Este artículo narra la historia de cómo una escuela rural al sur de Chile logró descubrir y construir un conjunto de recursos y capacidades (núcleo positivo) para liberar el aprendizaje y potenciar el desarrollo de las competencias de sus niñas y niños para vivir plenamente en el Siglo XXI.


Author: Arnoldo Cisternas

Arnoldo Cisternas is a psychologist, consultant in educational culture change, and creator of the model of cultural migration towards a “New Education.” He is President of Fundación Nueva Educación in Chile and Founder of Relational Institute in Barcelona. He is the author of Relational Education, 10 Keys to a Pedagogy of Recognition (in Spanish). He is also a business consultant and graduate professor in leadership and organization development.


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