Introduction to The Craft of Participation in a Changing World

How AI Practitioners Can Help in ‘Holding Space’ for Generative Conversations


Participation has become more widespread. It can be used to improve policy decisions, but it can also be used to avoid them. People increasingly demand that their voices be heard. How can be activate, share and develop this wide base of knowledge and experience?


Author: Arne Gillert

Arne Gillert experimented with his first large-scale participation process when he was seventeen. He has worked in different fields and sectors, only to become more convinced of the power of involving people to shape solutions based on their connected interests. Today, he is a partner at Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, based in Utrecht and Hamburg.


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Author: Kris Snick

Kris Snick started his active engagement in society as a volunteer in youth work as a teenager. Since then participation has been in the heart of his voluntary and professional activities. Since 2014 he has been part of Kessels & Smit Belgium. He facilitates change processes that make the active participation and involvement of people possible in their organisations, companies or society.


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Author: Pieterjan van Wijngaarden

Pieterjan van Wijngaarden is an entrepreneur at Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company. He focusses on building communities in organisations and participative strategy development. As a strategy consultant and designer of collaborative learning he has experience in both the commercial and non-profit sector, from Azerbaijan to Mexico, from India to Argentina, from Sweden to South Africa.


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