Digital Appreciative Inquiry

A Whole New Relational Experience

November 2021
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Digital technology can offer a brand new relational experience and an extraordinary opportunity to work in the wholeness of Appreciative Inquiry. In this article, you will find both examples of where wholeness has been experienced to the fullest, sometimes surprisingly, and also some keys to living – and helping your participants live – a joyful and effective wholeness.


Author: Bernard Tollec

Fernando Caballero, M.A., es un Consultor y Coach Ejecutivo apasionado por el desarrollo de líderes para un mundo mejor. Acompaña a ejecutivos, equipos y organizaciones a descubrir sus fortalezas, identificar oportunidades y re-diseñar planes con resultados transformadores para vivir un presente y proyectar un futuro mejor, de mayor sentido y propósito.


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