Evolving Approaches to Design at Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division

Hunter Douglas in hindsight: A twenty-year retrospective


The original article of 2003: Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division in Broomfield, Colorado is a leading manufacturer of highfashion, energy-efficient window coverings in the United States. In 1997, following a decade of explosive growth, the company’s leadership launched an Appreciative Inquiry-based culture change initiative to engage and develop the company’s fastgrowing workforce. Over a five-year period, the principles of Appreciative Inquiry seeded a series of engagements for a variety of purposes, which together transformed the company’s culture, strategies and business processes.

Hunter Douglas in hindsight: A twenty-year retrospective

AI Practitioner asked reflective questions in 2017:

  • What were the effects? Results?
  • What did you learn through this project, as an AI practitioner?
  • How did you take this forward?
  • How could this knowledge help us and our clients remain appreciative and curious in difficult times?


Author: Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Amanda Trosten-Bloom (Principal, Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and Corporation for Positive Change) is a widely acclaimed consultant, master trainer, energizing speaker, and pioneer in the use of Appreciative Inquiry for high engagement, whole-system change. Publications include The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Team Building and three other books. Contact: amanda@positivechange.org

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