Expanding Organizational Practices: Lessons from Therapeutic Conversations



1 Introduction

3 Connections among social con-struction, language and collabo- rative understanding

6 About our Contributors

8 Dialogue: Appreciating the Possibilities Inherent in It

12 What Does It Mean To Be Appreciative?

20 Promoting Social Networks in the Healthcare System in Ribeirão Preto/Brazil

26 Image and Success: Collaboration and AI with a Law Firm in Mexico City

33 Therapeutic Stances in the Construction of the Psychologist as a Partner

37 Provoking New Management Learning

40 Turning the 360o feedback method into a Dialogical Process


Author: Sheila McNamee

Ph.D., is Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire and co-founder of the Taos Institute.  Among her published works are Relational Responsibility: Resources for Sustainable Dialogue, and The Social Construction of Organization with Dian Marie Hosking. Professor McNamee lectures and consults both nationally and internationally. E: sheila.mcnamee@unh.edu

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