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The Appreciative Language of the Appreciative Paradigm

April 2024
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In the realm of Appreciative Paradigm and Inquiry, the mantra ‘words create worlds’ resonates deeply, emphasizing the transformative potential of language. Through oral and written expressions, our linguistic choices shape our perceptions and aspirations. This essay explores Appreciative Language’s essence, tracing its roots, unique traits, and its role in social sciences. By examining its distinct ontology, research methods, intervention approaches, axiology and defining characteristics, we unravel its potential impact on fostering positive change and shaping a better world.


Author: Federico Varona

Federico Varona, born in Spain, has lived and taught in Central America and the USA for 35 years. He is a professor emeritus at San Jose State University, California. He has taught the Appreciative Research course at San José State University for over ten years. Now he writes about, publishes and delivers international webinars on the Appreciative Paradigm. 

Contact: federico.varona@sjsu.edu 

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