Using Motivational Interviewing in Nursing for Improved Professional Development: Moving from Appreciative Inquiry’s Dream to Destiny Phases

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October 2014
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This article describes an integrated model for professional development, MI AIMs, that combines Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry. The strengths of both MI and AI are explored within the context of shifting from the Dream phase to Destiny through behavior change in nursing training.


Author: Kristen Crusoe

Kristen Crusoe EdD, MN, RN has been practicing and teaching nursing for 25 years. Dr. Crusoe learned Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in 2005 and since then has been facilitating AI with individuals, small groups, and whole systems. E:

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Author: Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder

Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder has over 30 years of nursing practice in diverse health care settings and teaches nursing and public health at Oregon Health & Sciences University. Her research passion is MI, health promotion and behavior and population health. E:

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Author: Annette Garner

Annette Garner is teaching for Oregon Health & Science University in their Baccalaureate Completion Program.

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