Futures for Youth by Youth: How Dreams of a Better Future Inspired a Youth Movement to Protect the Bagmati River

November 2022
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Investment in young people’s human, social and cultural capital is critical to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. How can we empower them to participate in development policies and practices to reach their fullest potential, maximizing their contribution to a better future for all? This paper centers around a story of youth inclusion and leadership to protect the Bagmati River that flows through the Kathmandu valley of Nepal.


Author: Sadip Raj Pandey

Sadip Raj Pandey is a research assistant at Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal, and a content creator at Electric Drives Nepal. He is a passionate environmentalist and advocate.

Contact: sadippandey@gmail.com

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Author: Leizl Agad

Leizl Agad is youth monitoring evaluation and learning consultant at the Asian Development Bank. Her work in development has explored a range of themes including indigenous peoples, microinsurance, sustainable development goals and youth empowerment.

Contact: lpagad@alum.up.edu.ph

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  1. chris morris

    Fantastic to see Adan, Avril, Sadip and Leizl story sharing about this inspirational youth leadership in the Bagmati River Basin. We must advocate for more empowerment of young leaders and budgets to allow significant scale up of auch initiatives , only then will we make the progress needed to delievr on the SDGs

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