Graffiti Paper – Co-created Learning as Spiritual Space

October 2014
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As professors, we challenged ourselves to create something unique for a group of graduate students studying appreciative inquiry. We created the graffiti paper and invite our colleagues from around the world to use it and experiment with it as an opening to spiritual space. This article explores the creating of spiritual spaces within learning by constructing conditions and exercises that maximize the possibility of learners tapping into deep listening and their own wisdom.


Author: Joan McArthur-Blair

Joan is a writer and speaker who grounds her AI and leadership work in her love of words and in the possibilities of higher education. Her background is in higher education, a world where she spent 28 amazing years, most recently as a college president. Joan and Jeanie co-authored the book, Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force. Contact:

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Author: Jeanie Cockell

Jeanie “makes magic” through engaging her clients in collaboratively co-creating appreciative and transformative relationships. As a presenter, writer, facilitator, teacher and consultant, she inspires individuals and organizations to respond effectively to change by building on strengths and successes. Contact:

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