How Business Can Prosper by Building a Better World

A Strengths-Based Approach to Co-Creating Mutual Value

November 2023
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Businesses could, in partnership with their stakeholders, do even better than they are by identifying and capturing new value-creation opportunities that directly address the 17 UN development goals. Co-creating Mutual Value is an approach to using the positive core of a business, its ecosystem, and engagement of all voices.


Author: Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard is a co-founder and president of the Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative. His current research and consulting interests focus on ‘what might we do as managers and/or as practitioners to shift our focus from “winning in the world we have” to one of “winning by creating a better world’? Contact:

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Author: Susan Donnan

Susan has diverse business experience in multiple industries, both as an internal change agent and an external consultant. She enjoys using whole-system approaches to facilitate large-scale complex change. Her aspiration is to contribute to creating a sustainable and flourishing world. Contact:

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Author: Neil Samuels

Neil is a co-founder of the Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative and was intimately involved in developing some of the ideas for this article. He recently returned to his consultancy, Profound Conversations, specializing in strengths-based whole system transformation through collaborative design processes and accelerated cultural change.

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Author: Chris Reaves

Chris has abiding interests in how the world works, how he might have a positive influence and how to engage others in making things better. Chris has become increasingly concerned with how damaging limited perspectives and self-interests are. Engaging with the CCMV Collaborative seems like a productive next act in influencing how to make a better world. Contact:

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Author: Fritz Walter

For over 20 years, his work as a systemic organizational consultant has been inspired by providing a space for people to meet as human beings in order to collaboratively and co-creatively develop viable and sustainable solutions for their concerns, their organization, and the planet. Contact:

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