How Has Appreciative Inquiry Lived Up To its Promises and What Will its Future Look Like?

February 2016
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I propose that AI has lived up to its promises by making a focus on strengths a common part of change processes, making social constructionist thinking more widely embraced by managers, accelerating the use of large group engagement, and making people’s emotional state at work a legitimate managerial concern. What has not happened is much change in how organizations are studied by researchers, nor much attention to what gives life to organizations. I propose that AI is not used more widely because emergent change processes violate the strongly held narrative of leaders as visionaries.


Author: Gervase Bushe

Gervase Bushe’s 1995 paper was selected one of the ten best OD Journal articles. His paper with Kassam was runner-up for best paper in 2005 in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. In 2002 he was designated one of the top ten AI consultants in the world by the AI Commons.


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