I Participate, Therefore I Am


Participation is the order of the day. Politicians and organisation directors make room for citizens and employees to participate in social and organisational processes. Last year, even Paris was on fire with the rise of the ‘yellow vests’: citizens who were trying to influence national government policy. As a consultant and AI practitioner, I can see that leaders are becoming aware of the fact that it is now impossible to not involve the knowledge and expertise of so many. Inspired by these developments, I have written here about participation


Author: Pieterjan van Wijngaarden

Pieterjan van Wijngaarden is an entrepreneur at Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company. He focusses on building communities in organisations and participative strategy development. As a strategy consultant and designer of collaborative learning he has experience in both the commercial and non-profit sector, from Azerbaijan to Mexico, from India to Argentina, from Sweden to South Africa.

Contact: pjvanwijngaarden@kessels-smit.com

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