Imposed or Self- Generated Change?

Cultural Challenges and Current Practices in Introducing Appreciative Inquiry in Rapidly Growing Asian Economies

October 2013
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Asia is one of the fast growing regions in the world; companies in Asia face the most severe challenges to make fast change. Some changes are inevitably imposed and some are self-generated. In this article, Laura Hsu explores her AI initiatives in supporting organizations facing the two different kinds of change. The objective is to help internal and external AI practitioners understand different responses to change within the context of Asian culture so they can customize intervention design.


Author: Laura Hsu 許逸臻

Chairperson of Open Quest Facilitation Technology in Taiwan and China, Laura was the first Asian person certified as a professional facilitator and assessor by the International Association of Facilitators. She has a BA in from National Taiwan University and a certificate in Positive Social Change in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western Reserve University. E:

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