Integrating the Spiritual Dimension

Employee Spiritual Care in Dutch Hospitals as an Inspiration for AI Practitioners

October 2014
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What do professional spiritual caregivers do to address spiritual needs of staff members, teams and organisations? And what can AI practitioners learn from them to become more skilled in connecting with and appreciating the spiritual dimension? This is important as many organizations express the need for support on questions regarding sense-making and personal spirituality in order to keep, or restore, employee well-being at work.


Author: Heike Aiello

Heike Aiello, MBA, is a business coach, facilitator, trainer, author and speaker. AI is the basis for her international consulting, facilitation and coaching activities. “AC offers a structure and an atmosphere in which people can be intelligent and creative. Clients relax, there is laughter and hope, suddenly ideas flow and new things become possible”. Heike is the author of several articles and chapters on Appreciative Inquiry.


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Author: Hetty Zock, Prof. Dr. 

rof. Dr. Zock is KSGV Professor of Religion and Mental Health at the University of Groningen. She has been teaching the psychology of religion and spiritual care for twenty years. Her interests include meaning-making, identity construction and spiritual care in a secularised context. She also works as a trainer/ coach with pastoral professionals. E:

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