Intergenerational Learning Leaders and the Embodiment of Appreciative Inquiry


This article explores the notion of and need for intergenerational learning leadership in our schools, businesses and communities. Specifically, we highlight two appreciative avenues for the cultivation of intergenerational learning leaders: modeling ourselves after our younger learners, and the active creation of more avenues to have equitable intergenerational learning opportunities across all age and experience boundaries. We also reflect on how embracing intergenerational learning leadership leads to the embodiment the principles of Appreciative Inquiry.


Author: Lindsey N. Godwin

Lindsey N. Godwin, Ph.D., is the Robert P. Stiller Professor of Management at Champlain College, where she serves as the Academic Director for the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry and co-publisher of AI Practitioner. As a practitioner–scholar active in the global AI community, she has helped organize and facilitate AI processes around the globe. 


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Author: Marge Schiller 

Marge Schiller, Ph.D. uses Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based approaches with Learning Leaders. Her passion is intergenerational work. She lives in Massachusetts and Florida. She has written and co-authored many books and articles, including STAN and the 4 Fantastic Powers, an AI book for children.


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