Interview with René Bouwen: Reflections on building high-quality relational practices in conflict situations

February 2016
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René Bouwen, from Leuven University in Belgium, is one of the few Europeans who have witnessed the development of Appreciative Inquiry at close quarters. The post-Masters Consulting in Groups and Organizations program connects students from Leuven University and Case Western Reserve University in the United States. The interview Wick van der Vaart and Robbert Masselink conducted with him at Leuven University covers topics from how René got involved with Appreciative Inquiry, to AI and conflict, to his hopes for AI in action research.


Author: Wick van der Vaart

Wick van der Vaart has master degrees in Dutch literature and social psychology. In 2005, he founded the Instituut voor Interventiekunde (Institute for Interventionism) in Amsterdam. The core of this institute is a two-year program in appreciative interventionism. In 2016, he became Editor-in-Chief of AI Practitioner. Contact:

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Author: Robbert Masselink

Robbert Masselink is a management consultant, facilitator and trainer. He helps teams and individuals to collaborate effectively on organizational development issues. He (co-)authored three Dutch books on Appreciative Inquiry. E:

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