Introducing Appreciative Inquiry into the Australian Department of Defence: Research and Reflections

August 2018
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The Australian Department of Defence is undergoing substantial reform, including a focus on evolving its workplace culture. Appreciative Inquiry is a tool that may be able to assist Defence; however Appreciative Inquiry has never before been applied in the DoD, so a pilot study was recently undertaken to test the methodology. Despite the limitations imposed by the sample size and composition of participants that were involved, the article concludes that AI should be implemented more broadly to elicit change throughout the DoD. The article concludes with the author’s personal insights and reflections



Author: Kasey Mumford

Kasey Mumford is the director and principal consultant at Synergia Business (Synergia), a specialist people and culture consultancy based in New South Wales, Australia. She graduated from the University of New South Wales College (the Australian Defence Force Academy) and served for ten years in the Royal Australian Navy. Her interest areas are organisational development, culture change and workplace reviews. Contact:

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