Leaders as Activists for a Flourishing Planet


The leaders of the future will need to address immense challenges/opportunities as we navigate our way towards a flourishing planet. They will be called on to question the dominant patterns and routines in business and facilitate a transformation of unprecedented magnitude – in other words they need to be activists for better world. We as educators have a responsibility to prepare these future leaders for these challenges and opportunities.  We explore these responsibilities in this article.


Author: Gerard Farias

Gerard Farias is Associate Professor of Management at the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University. His research and teaching interests focus on the role of business in society particularly in the context of sustainability, the role of human values in business and exploring the boundaries between the business case and moral case for sustainability.

Contact: gfarias@fdu.edu

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Author: Sandra Waddock

Sandra Waddock is Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. Winner of numerous awards, she has published about 140 papers and multiple books. Current research interests include system change, corporate responsibility, intellectual shamanism and management education.

Contact: waddock@bc.edu

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