Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Developing an Appreciative Learning–Leading Culture at Mosaic Learning Center


This article explores how staff members in a school that serves students with developmental disabilities unleashed their innate desire to lead and learn together by creating an appreciative learning culture. It affirms the power of discovering and celebrating the positive core of individuals and the population they serve. The authors identify how embedding the practice of learning leadership elevates the collective intelligence of the organization and its capacity for relationship, responsiveness, resilience and creativity.


Author: Miriam Novotny

Miriam is the executive director of the Mosaic Learning Center. She received her Masters’ degree from Case Western Reserve University. Miriam values developing a work environment that engages the strengths of staff, students and community. She seeks to inspire a sense of curiosity and creativity in order to foster the most vibrant and appreciative learning opportunities possible.

Contact: miriam@mosaiclearningcenter.com

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Author: Sandra Wells

Sandra Wells has over 25 years of experience as an educator, facilitator and coach. She is the “coach’s coach”, working with high-level professionals on personal and organizational development. Her unique approach encourages clients to make bold commitments and expand their leadership presence and capacity for contribution.

Contact: sandrabwells@gmail.com

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