Learning Leaders in Grassroots Programs

Promoting Social Change Through Appreciative Inquiry and Storytelling


In this paper, we posit that leaders in the development sector must have the ability and willingness to listen and learn. This argument is based on the authors’ reflections on the lessons learnt from a workplace internship program where fourteen Monash South Africa students were involved in a systematic process of listening to, collecting and documenting the life stories of participants in a local grassroots development program.


Author: Fay Hodza

Dr. Fay Hodza is currently the Academic Cluster manager of Political, Social and Political Studies, and senior lecturer and program leader of Development Studies at Monash South Africa. His research interests are diverse. They include drug abuse and drug policy reform, leadership, gender and sexuality issues, and storytelling for development.

Contact: fay.hodza@monash.edu

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Author: Craig Rowe

Craig Rowe has held a range of leadership positions in higher education and development institutions. He now serves as a consultant at Monash South Africa as well as at a number of other development organizations and ministries. His approach to life and research is always based on the principals of Appreciative Inquiry.”

Contact: craig.rowe@monash.edu

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