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Innovations in New Zealand in AI Practice for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

December 2011
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What does it take to activate and grow community involvement so that helping each other is a normal part of community life and families are well supported to raise their children safely? Through innovations in Appreciative Inquiry practice that draw on community development and social marketing methodologies, local communities are discovering, believing in and growing their own capacity to ensure the protection and nurturing of their children.


Author: Liz Kinley

Liz Kinley is the Chief Executive (strategic operations) for Jigsaw Family Services New Zealand. A manager, facilitator and educator, she thrives on managing change and implementing large national projects. She is trained in Appreciative Inquiry and strongly committed to strength-based principles. E:

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Author: Sally Christie

Sally Christie is the national project coordinator for Jigsaw. She has been involved in the health, social services and local government sectors for many years. Her passion is discovering how communities can play their part in the well being of children and their families. E:  

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