News Agency Muddles its Way to Strength-Based Journalism:

Appreciative Approach Vital to Organization’s Survival

October 2009
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This article describes how Axiom News stumbled upon the practice of ‘generative journalism’ – the deliberate practice of reporting and uplifting success stories within organizations. Through their exploration of practicing this new form of journalism and witnessing the resulting impact for their clients, Axiom News has also discovered the power of aligning around strengths within their own organization.


Author: Michelle Stutzenberger

Peter Pula and Michelle Stutzenberger are members of the original Axiom News team. Each of them contributed to the founding of generative journalism during 8 years of experimentation, research and results. Michelle is a senior writer with Axiom News, and Peter serves as the company's executive editor. E:

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Author: Peter Pula

Peter Pula is the founder of Axiom News and contributed to the creation of generative journalism during eight years of experimentation, research and results. Peter is publisher of Axiom News and Electric City Magazine. He also serves as dialogue and media host on behalf in communities and organizations.


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