Participatory and Appreciative Action Research in Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Norway’s High North


The high north of Norway, where Norwegian, Sami and Arctic identities are celebrated, blends opportunity and challenge. This article describes projects in Participatory and Appreciative Action Research in the region, and in doing so poses questions. What conversations are worth having? How are they started? Who is involved and who is left out? Whose reality counts?


Author: Tony Ghaye

Tony Ghaye works at Loughborough University in London and is part of NorAforsk, the Nordic Centre of Action Research and Action Learning. He is a professor in Reflective Practices for Human Benefit. His current projects include those in the fields of developing secure-based leadership, human wellbeing and community strengthening.


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Author: Rita Sørly

Rita Sørly has a PhD and works at NORCE, Department of Social Sciences Tromsø. Leader of The Northern Norwegian network for PAAR in mental health and substance abuse, Rita engages in Qualitative Social Research. Her current project is related to user involvement in Sami health services. She is editor of the Nordic Journal of Mental Health Work.


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