Partnerships that Matter – Results that Count

Colleges and Consultants Lifting Up Higher Education in Canada


The authors of this article weave a story of renewal, engagement and results that reflect how the notions of Appreciative Inquiry have lifted up the work of two institutions, from planning, to staff, to boardroom, as they have reached out to the future of higher education.


Author: Sharon Carry

Sharon Carry (Photo courtesy the Alberta Order of Excellence) Building on her four decades of experience at four Alberta colleges and universities, Sharon Carry has been the president and CEO at Bow Valley College since 1997. In 2014, Sharon was invested in the Alberta Order of Excellence, the highest honour the province can bestow on a citizen. E: 

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Author: Joan McArthur-Blair

Joan is a writer and speaker who grounds her AI and leadership work in her love of words and in the possibilities of higher education. Her background is in higher education, a world where she spent 28 amazing years, most recently as a college president. Joan and Jeanie co-authored the book, Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force. Contact:

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Author: Denise Henning

(Cherokee name: Ani Yun Wiya/Choctaw)

Dr. Denise Henning, with a twenty-five year career in higher education in the USA and Canada, has served as president, vice president–academic and professor. She is director of the UNCW/3C Collaborative and professor in the Higher Education Graduate Program, University of North Carolina, Wilmington.’


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