‘I Find It Hard to See’: Reflections on Peace, Leadership and Friendship in Broken Times

February 2018
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In April 2017, an email arrived for Natalie Shell asking her to write an article on peace for the AI Practitioner journal. This article describes the process, the struggle of trying to finish the piece of work, and is in itself an evocative illustration of our struggle to find peace. In the end, it turns out, her article is about the process of trying to write the story, and what she discovered through that process.



  1. Joep C de Jong (verified owner)

    I had the privilege to have been in the conversation with Natalie. The struggle and sincerity of her journey to arrive at this very personal story around the journey towards peace was and is still touching for me. I can only recommend to read, read it and read it again to let the true meaning of her words emerge.

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