Pivot & Thrive

Supporting Small Business Success as an Agent of Positive Change


Faced with strict lockdown regulations in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, small business owners enlisted new technology to come together and make better decisions about operating businesses in a difficult market. Using applied Appreciative Inquiry practices, the Pivot & Thrive community uses collaboration to create market opportunities. With the success of co-creation amongst members in Vermont, the Pivot & Thrive community is now opening its doors to invite participation from entrepreneurs across borders.


Author: Carin McCarthy

Carin McCarthy is the founder of Pivot & Thrive, a resource hub and community space that supports business owners in navigating uncertainty together to create opportunities that enable flourishing. Carin enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and young kids.

Contact: connect@vermontcollaborativecircle.com

Instagram:  @VTCollaborativeCircle

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