Translating Civic Engagement into Political Participation: A Non-partisan School for Becoming a Politician


Many Western democracies have lately become the object of a wide-spread populistic critique. They are severely marked by increasing social and economic inequality that spills over into democratic institutions. Voters are turning away from the established parties in favour of leaders of new political movements. The Höj Rösten school for politicians is new Swedish non-partisan school for politicians with the purpose of contributing to the revitalisation of democracy. Over time, this should help political parties include candidates who are more representative in mirroring Swedish society.


Author: Erik Amnå

Erik Amnå, PhD, is a professor in political science at Örebro University. His research deals mainly with the development of contemporary democracies, with special attention to civic engagement, civic education and civil society. Erik is chairman of the board of Höj Rösten and has served on several governmental commissions on democracy and civic education. Contact:    

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Author: Daniel Sachs

Daniel Sachs is the founder of Höj Rösten and a member of the board. He is CEO and member of the board of Proventus AB and Proventus Capital Management AB based in Sweden and a member of the Global Board of the Open Society Foundations, the panel of senior advisers to the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House and a council member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Contact:    

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