Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of Appreciative Stories for Organisation Development Practice

February 2024
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The synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data as part of an Appreciative Inquiry analysis can offer depth and rigour to the practice of organisation development. What factors would serve the flourishing of our client organisations and ecosystems? We draw on three case studies to illustrate how data analysis highlights the nuances of these factors.


Author: Regina Vanda

Regina Vanda is a consultant and facilitator with Sequoia Group, trained in the disciplinary intersection of Environmental Studies and Anthropology. She is committed to nurturing ecosystem of care, courage and compassion where individuals can live their deepest purpose. In Sequoia, she contributes to Leadership and Organization Development, research, innovation and sustainability. 

Contact: regina.vanda@sequoia.com.sg

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Author: Zafirah Mohamed

Zafirah Mohamed is a principal consultant & executive coach with Sequoia Group. She has co-designed and facilitated whole-of-organisation engagements using Appreciative Inquiry. Blending qualitative and quantitative approaches she has helped clients develop clarity of direction in their mission, vision and strategic focus areas, and in culture-building initiatives. 

Contact: zafirah.mohamed@sequoia.com.sg 

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