Research Review and Notes: Appreciative Inquiry, a Lighthouse on a Foggy Path

Healthcare Teams Share Success Stories


Sarah O’Flanagan works on a multidisciplinary team in disability services in Ireland. In 2015 she embarked on an Action Research (AR) project – determined to effect change. A long-awaited reconfiguration of local services was imminent and she hoped that by working with co-researchers and collaborator colleagues they could smooth the transition to a new model of service. This article is the story of that journey.


Author: Sarah O’ Flanagan

Sarah is a senior educational psychologist with the Irish health service, a tutor for the Educational Psychology Programme in University College Dublin (UCD) and has a private practice. Having led teams and projects over two decades, in the public and private sectors, she is interested in how organisations learn, promote collaborative practices and inspire.


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Author: Siobhán Corrigan

Assistant Professor Siobhán Corrigan is Director of the Masters in Managing Risk and System Change and Assistant Director of the Centre for Innovative Human Systems (CIHS), School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin. Siobhán lectures in areas of Organizational Behaviour, Psychology of Work, Leadership, Human Factors and Research Methods and has published widely in her field.


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