Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

An Emerging Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development Goals Implementation


Peter Classetti reviews Stewarding Sustainability Transformations: An Emerging Theory and Practice of SDG Implementation, Petra Kuenkel‘s book about her view of a potential future path for our planet through the multidisciplinary lenses of sustainable development, international cooperation and business economics. Petra Kuenkel’s institute in Potsdam, Germany has developed a methodology that stimulates result-oriented and value-based collaboration for the common good.


Author: Peter J. Classetti, Esquire

Peter J. Classetti is a cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania a has been the recipient of the Pennsylvania Super Lawyer Designation. A longstanding educator, he has served as an adjunct professor of Business Law and Ethics, Human Resource Management, and Negotiations at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, at Eastern University and at Holy Family University.

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