Strength-based versus Deficit-based Action Learning for Developing Leaders, Teams, and Organizations in Asia

A Field Report of an Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning Practitioner


Formal learning that equips learners with programmed knowledge extracted from the past is no longer sufficient. Action learning was founded to help managers deal with new unknowns. The author of this article poses the question ‘is it possible to run a deficit-based method positively using an Appreciative Inquiry model?’ using a case study from Asia to support her conclusions.


Author: Dorothy Tsui

Dorothy Tsui, CPTD, SALC, formulates solutions that build organizational and leadership capacity to make positive strategic changes for concrete results. Founder of the Corporation for Positive Change – Asia, a regional hub of the Corporation for Positive Change, she trains strengths-based and AI practitioners, and translates major references into Chinese.


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