Strengths-based Lean for Five Years

Experiences from Everyday Operations

November 2015
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The need for creating more value with fewer resources is apparent in most organisations. For decades, the discussion has been whether to apply rational logics and improvement tools or to apply social logics and empowering change methods. However, pioneering practitioners have embraced the best of both worlds to simultaneously develop people and technical systems with the insights from Lean thinking and the strengths-based paradigm. We present a look into such a pioneering manager’s everyday operations after five years of practising Strengths-based Lean.


Author: David Hansen

David Hansen has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark. His area of research was Strengthsbased Lean. He is curious about how technical and social logics can improve each other, and developing new forms of technology leadership and organisations using strengths-based paradigms. David is a senior consultant at Resonans and is chairman of the Danish scouts and guides. Contact:

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Author: Rasmus Jørgensen

Rasmus Jørgensen has continuously showed his interest in and ability to connect competence development and organisational development with purpose of engaging employees in innovative process and systems improvement. From 2010–2014 he was project leader and facilitator for strengths-based systems improvement projects at Novo Nordisk and is now a senior consultant at Resonans. Contact:

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