The Appreciative Dance

Questions and Dialogues to Embrace Change

August 2021
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In a highly changeable environment, leaders face the challenge of helping their teams embrace plans for change in order to remain competitive. The aim of this article is to help teams meet this challenge by asking questions and engaging in dialogues that enable them to find meaning and to motivate them to change together, using their strengths to achieve shared goals.

En un entorno altamente cambiante, los líderes enfrentan el reto de ayudar a sus equipos a abrazar los planes de cambio para seguir siendo competitivos. El propósito del artículo es ayudar a los equipos enfrentar este reto a través de preguntas y diálogos que les permitan encontrar sentido y les motiven a cambiar juntos, utilizando sus fortalezas, para lograr un propósito compartido.


Author: Mohanad A. H. Al-Madi

Mohanad A. H. Al-Madi, Ph.D., is consultant and professor, passionate about strategic management and promoter of corporate cultures based on high-performance and wellbeing. After graduating from medicine, he earned a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and a Ph.D. in Political Science. Mohanad’s commitment is to help organizations and people to be their best and most authentic version.


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