The Appreciative Paradigm

From Methodology to Paradigm

November 2023
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The time has come to move past a partial perspective, that Appreciative Inquiry is only a methodology, and begin to see it as a paradigm, a concept that includes a set of theories, research methods, postulates and standards for a new and legitimate way of contributing to the development of a field, one which differs and is distinguished from other, existing ones for that field. This first attempt to define the new paradigm is an invitation to the AI community of practitioners, scholars, students and readers to co-construct this new paradigm.


Author: Federico Varona

Federico Varona, born in Spain, has lived and taught in Central America and the USA for 35 years. He is a professor emeritus at San Jose State University, California. He has taught the Appreciative Research course at San José State University for over ten years. Now he writes about, publishes and delivers international webinars on the Appreciative Paradigm. 


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