The Appreciative Parental Voice Unleashes the Family’s Positive Core


Juggling a myriad of responsibilities at home and at work and overwhelmed by conflicting demands, parents understandably tune into their ‘not-good-enough’ voice. Appreciative Inquiry helps parents reclaim both inner and outer appreciative voice. Parenting then becomes more easeful, deepening the parentchild bond. Over time the appreciative parental voice leads a positive-oriented family focus, naturally unleashing the family’s positive core.


Author: Gloria DeGaetano

Gloria DeGaetano, founder/director of the Parent Coaching Institute and Parent Coach International, is passionately dedicated to helping families flourish. She is the author of several books, including Parenting Well in a Media Age (2004) and, in January 2019, Positive Core Parenting: Use Appreciative Inquiry to Grow and Thrive and Technological Times. Contact

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