The Elephant in the Room: A critical inquiry into Appreciative Inquiry’s struggle with appreciating power-resistance relations

What Will the Future of Appreciative Inquiry Look Like?


Appreciative Inquiry claims to bring social constructionism into practice and is suggested to be a forerunner in democratic change management (Bushe, 2015). However, AI still contains positivist premises that are in tension with its social constructionist philosophy and affect its emancipatory promises. In this article I review AI’s recent developments in addressing power-resistance relations to contribute to the reflexive awareness of this underdeveloped topic.


Author: Ingeborg Koster-Kooger

Ingeborg Koster-Kooger recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from VU University Amsterdam. Her case study demonstrated the relevance of considering the concept of power-resistance relations in AI, as well as the importance of the consultants’ reflexivity on their position in the social construction of change. She currently works as junior health care consultant.Contact:

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