The Elephant in the Room: A critical inquiry into Appreciative Inquiry’s struggle with appreciating power-resistance relations

What Will the Future of Appreciative Inquiry Look Like?

February 2016
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Appreciative Inquiry claims to bring social constructionism into practice and is suggested to be a forerunner in democratic change management (Bushe, 2015). However, AI still contains positivist premises that are in tension with its social constructionist philosophy and affect its emancipatory promises. In this article I review AI’s recent developments in addressing power-resistance relations to contribute to the reflexive awareness of this underdeveloped topic.


Author: Ingeborg Koster-Kooger

Ingeborg Koster-Kooger recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from VU University Amsterdam. Her case study demonstrated the relevance of considering the concept of power-resistance relations in AI, as well as the importance of the consultants’ reflexivity on their position in the social construction of change. She currently works as junior health care consultant. Contact:

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