The Value of Meditation and Mindfulness: Key Facilitation Skills

August 2014
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The relationship between Appreciative Inquiry and meditation highlights the power of silence and the ways in which deep reflection opens up spaces for creativity and learning. This blend brings more self-confidence to be in a state of not-knowing in front of a group and allows generative inquiry to emerge. The article includes questions and practices that can support our own development as well as our work in relation with others.


Author: Miriam Subirana

With a PhD from the University Barcelona, Miriam is an artist and the author of several books including Flourishing Together, A Guide to Appreciative Coaching and Indagación Apreciativa, co-authored with David Cooperrider. Founder of Institut IDEIA, for dialogue and AI, and an AI coach, she is also PCC certified by the International Coaching Federation. Contact:


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