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Enlivening Strengths and Community


One of the challenges of Appreciative Inquiry is to develop practices that refract our strengths into the world around us in ways that hold us responsible for each other. This paper presents a collaborative curriculum between Kimo, a Kenyan NGO, and Appreciative Action that offers practices to enliven relational strengths and send them outward into the community.


Author: Claire Fialkov

Claire Fialkov, Ph.D. is a professor at William James College, an associate at the Taos Institute, and a founding member at Appreciative Action, a consultation practice that designs global development practices to cultivate well-being and resilience. Appreciative Action uses collaborative models of action-based research to measure outcomes and impact in communities.

Contact: Claire_Fialkov@williamjames.edu

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Author: Nelly Ndirangu, B.Sc.

Nelly Nduta Ndirangu is a co-founder of the Kimo Wellness Foundation. Nelly has a B,Sc. in counseling psychology, earning her MA in Counseling Psychology at Kenya Methodist University. She is a trained addiction counselor, supervisor and therapist and is project administrator of the Maranatha International Counseling Foundation. E: nduta_n2ke@yahoo.co.uk

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Author: James Karanja 

James Karanja- med  is an accredited  counseling  psychologist and with a teaching experience span of thirty years. He is secretary of Kimo, an international NGO based in Kenya whose core function is alieviating human suffering. He is a member of Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association(KCPA). E: Jimka62@Gmail.com

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Author: David Haddad

David Haddad, Ed.D. is a co-founder of Appreciative Action, a US-based consultancy focusing on global development and program evaluation practices that foster wellbeing and resilience. Its work is grounded in collaborative and strengths-based practices. David  is an associate professor at William James College, as well as an associate with the Taos Institute.

Contact: David_Haddad@williamjames.edu

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