Using an Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Enhance Intrinsic Motivation in Higher Education Courses

Research Notes

November 2016
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A pre/post-test control group mixed methods study explored the effectiveness of using an Appreciative Inquiry approach to enhance intrinsic motivation in online instruction. The findings of the study showed that there were statistically significant increases in overall intrinsic motivation, confidence and satisfaction for the treatment
group, but no significant changes for the control group.


Author: Betty McQuain

Betty McQuain is a professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho where she teaches courses on child development and early childhood education. Her primary research interests center on discovering teaching strategies that invite and support intrinsic motivation in young children and adults.

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Author: Dotty Sammons

An associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology at Idaho State University, Dr. Dotty Sammons’ research interests include effective online teaching, instructional technology for laboratory and field sciences, interacting with subject matter experts, and motivating students in online environments.

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Author: Mark Neill

Dr Neill is Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation and Chair of the Department of Teaching and Educational Studies and the Department of School Psychology and Educational Leadership. He is an associate professor in Educational Leadership with 38 years of education and leadership experience. Dr Neill has written and presented internationally, nationally, and regionally on a variety of educational topics.

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Author: David Coffland

David Coffland is an associate professor of instructional technology at Idaho State University where he teaches courses on instructional technology, measurement, and statistics.  His primary research interests are using technology to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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