Using Our Influence to Seek Safety and Connection Through Despair and Grief

A Conversation About the Impacts of Disease and Violence, and the Pathways of Hope and Healing

November 2020
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This article is an exploration of Critical Appreciative Inquiry and the practice of appreciative resiliency in the face of violence, tragedy and Covid-19. We investigate, through video documentary, how sharing stories and sharing pain can create opportunities for hope, trust and resilience. We explore spaces of safety and connection where experiences of violence against women and girls can be prevented, heard or healed. Together we move from despair and hopelessness to healing, forgiveness and constructive action.


Author: Using Our Influence Collective (UOI)

Using Our Influence (UOI) is a rural collaborative of women leaders using Critical Appreciative Inquiry to influence social change since 2009. Our goal is to shift the culture of violence and abuse experienced in the lives of women and girls in rural Nova Scotia, Canada..


Back row (left to right): Rhonda Fraser, Joy Warner, Dale Gruchy, Tara Newcombe

Front row (left to right): Florence Denney, Gwenyth Dwyn, Ginger McPhee


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