Using the Discovery Phase of Appreciative Inquiry to Appreciate and Value Basques’ Unique Culture

August 2022
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This article, based on the use of the Basque language, is an attempt to acknowledge the contribution of Basques as one of the active indigenous European groups to contemporary knowledge and practice.

AI has been used in many fields. However, it has not so far been used to analyse the origins of a culture and its effect on the modern community and ethnic group. In this paper, the first Appreciative Inquiry phase, Discovery, is used to appreciate and value the best of ‘what is’ of Basque language and culture.


Author: Garbiñe Delgado-Raack

I was born in Gernika, a politically and historically important town in the middle of the Basque Country. My German mother, Basque father and two older sisters opened lots of possibilities for me. I studied psychology in Germany. My first contact with social constructionist ideas was through McNamee and Gergen’s book, Therapy as Social Construction, which led to studying related approaches, including Appreciative Inquiry.


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