Using the UN’s SDGs to Matchmake Between Philanthropic Funders and Projects Requiring Capital


The UN has created the alignment and framework needed through the SDGs. But the execution of the solutions falls to governments, businesses, not-for-profits and civil society, who work in silos. How can global ecosystem use collaboration and partnership to catalyse impact and create sustainable systemic change? Using the framework of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), one startup, Maanch, has created an answer to this time-critical question.


Author: Darshita Gillies

Darshita’s experience builds on and blends four facets, ‘Finance’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Planetary Sustainability’. She is Founder & CEO of Maanch. Through Maanch, Darshita aims to leverage the power of emerging technologies to address the complex business and societal challenges we face in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way.


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Author: Emily Stubbs

Emily is a marketing and communications specialist, with over eight years experience creating global marketing strategies and driving brand growth. She is passionate about engaging the next generation of giving and also runs not-for-profit philanthropic platform 10x10 which empowers UK millennials and young professionals to support innovative charities.


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