We Do Not See Things as They Are, But Rather as We Are

April 2024
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Creating film portraits for a Ph.D. on Appreciative Leadership, mentored by Nic Askew, has become both an art and a business Joep de Jong cherishes. He says, ‘crafting these portraits became an art and passion’. Holding unconditional space fosters profound connections. Editing, though laborious, offers deep self-discovery. Three poignant portraits emerged, each a testament to serendipity and profound human connection.


Author: Joep C. de Jong

Joep C. de Jong is the founder of Learn Holding, an associate of the TAOS Institute and member of the council of Instituto IDEIA. He developed his flim portraits as part of his Ph.D. thesis, and has continued to make them. 

Contact: joepc@mac.com 


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