Weaving Stories to Build Transformational Tourism Practices in Belgium

A Holiday Participation Centre Taking a Narrative Approach


The Holiday Participation Centre in Flanders, Belgium organizes travel opportunities for people who cannot afford holidays, collects their stories and shares them in a wider network. By making vacation possible, we give people space to breathe again, the courage to carry on and a sense of equality and freedom. A ‘story weaver’ carefully helps weave every story into the life of the storytellers and the network in which this story resounds.


Author: Marianne Schapmans

Marianne Schapmans runs the Holiday Participation Centre at Tourism Flanders, which aims to strengthen the lives of people in poverty via a holiday experience. She is launching the Connect Your Story project in partnership with the WTO (UN). She adapts the ideas of AI and re-authoring work.

Contact: marianne.schapmans@iedereenverdientvakantie.be

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Author: Chené Swart

Chené Swart is an international narrative consultant, coach and trainer. She is author of Re-authoring the World and contributed chapters on Coaching from a Dialogic OD paradigm and Re-authoring Leadership with and within Organizations. Based in South Africa, she is deeply involved in the tourism and travel project.

Contact: chene@transformations.co.za

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Author: Griet Bouwen

Griet Bouwen is the author of two books, one about Appreciative Inquiry and coaching and the other on AI and change towards humanisation in organisations. She runs a small business which uses story work to lift and connect people and their ideas. She is a co-creator of the Connect Your Story platform and co-organiser of re-authoring workshops.

Contact: griet@nieuwmakers.be

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