What Would the Trees Tell Us?


To learn more about the possibilities for an appreciative co-inquiry into challenging interrelations between human beings and the more-than-human world, Bert Verleysen and Styn Grieten interviewed Griet Bouwen, an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner, narrative story-weaver, trained eco-tuner, and social work teacher. She describes the purpose of her contribution to the world as ‘re-storying life as inter-becoming’.


Author: Bert Verleysen

Bert Verleysen is working as a free student in a Ph.D. programme at Hasselt University (Belgium). During his active career, he combined work in Appreciative Inquiry Learning Networks with research. He is particularly fascinated in researching how citizens and policy-makers set up collaborative networks. 

Contact: bert.verleysen51@gmail.com 

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Author: Griet Bouwen

Griet Bouwen is the author of two books, one about Appreciative Inquiry and coaching and the other on AI and change towards humanisation in organisations. She runs a small business which uses story work to lift and connect people and their ideas. She is a co-creator of the Connect Your Story platform and co-organiser of re-authoring workshops.

Contact: griet@nieuwmakers.be

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Author: René Bouwen

René Bouwen is Emeritus Professor in Organisational Psychology, University of Leuven (Belgium). René is intrigued with the embodiment of a relational-constructionist perspective through high-quality relational practices as a generative intervention in participatory action research and organisational development contexts.

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Author: Styn Grieten

Styn Grieten is an associate professor in Organisational Psychology and Change Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Leuven (Belgium). He studies how the quality of relationships helps to move people, groups, organisations and society. He currently focuses on a connecting mental healthcare and sustainability. 


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Author: Frank Lambrechts

Frank Lambrechts is a professor in Change Management and Family Business at the Faculty of Business Economics, Hasselt University (Belgium). Frank centres relational practices that ignite connection, energy and new possibilities. He is associate editor with the Journal of Family Business Strategy. 

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