When Learning Leads


What would happen if, instead of looking to people for leadership, we looked to the process of learning? That is the theme of this exploration of Appreciative Inquiry and experiential learning. With learning as our leader, our perceptions of ourselves, our organizations and the world around us change. New horizons are glimpsed and the future unfolds naturally; curiosity shifts our inner dialogue and inquiry leads to living models of equity and wholeness. Learning is our leader.


Author: Debbie Castle

Dr Debbie Castle of People Development Ltd. is an educator, learning organization specialist, and visionary with four decades of facilitation with partners in over 25 countries. She loves learning and has made a life of bringing new and innovative ways of facilitating learning to leaders in organizations.

Contact: debbiecastleafrica@gmail.com

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Author: Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson has been active in the field of experiential learning and organizational effectiveness for 30 years, consulting with government, private and community-based organizations worldwide. She is known for her depth of insight, enthusiasm and clarity. She coordinates the Brahma Kumaris meditation centre in Halifax, Canada.

Contact: judyjohnson108@gmail.com

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